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Fun facts about yourself
I'll go first,
I was the spiders in the spiderwick chronicles
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Yet Another Goomba Post/Thread
i didnt murder timmy "timmy" itchmcballcheese through means of asphyxiation in 424 32nd rd #415 clifton, colorado (CO), 81520 on monday june 6th at 6:32 PM (there is no circumstantial evidence that his death was my doing)
part of the uri-nation
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
I once burnt my house. I was playing with fire and a deodorant
retired replaymaker | discord: victortb#9592
i have a love hate relationship with blue cheese
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| I'd love myself a cockmeat sandwich. | [m]

list#1000 on Discord.
I hate imperial measuring system
Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything

Drawing on the energy of matter from all worlds, unravelling the time

Astral orb crackles while raw energy lances out, temporarily disrupting

The Outworld is awash in arcane energy, diffuse through Harbinger's rifts

The vent through which such stellar energy flows is mere atoms wide

From winter's heart comes a cold, healing embrace