Jackysep Whitelisted
Sammylolz Denied!
Thank you for applying and sorry for the late reply jackysep
Sorry Sammylolz try again in one week if you want
Jackysep i couldnt find your discord name! Can you edit and fix that please..
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Hello Ahmad, as you know im not a black belt or higher wink* wink* but yet again i try to join another clan. Heres my app

My toribash in game name is xxezio this account was made because many other's where banned, i was unable to get my old accounts back so i had to make many new alts.

Now i dont think my discord name is needed but since you asked sooo nicely its Monto#5295 You didnt need it but again, since you asked here you go

Now why would i like to join pew pew, many reason's Obey is fine but yet again zack kinda left me soo im dead meat. ICA was nice but i got bored somehow. Evo was nice but i couldent get along too well with the people. So all im saying is that those clans just wernt my type

Now my talent is simple parkour and spar there isnt a need for replays since ive already provided that

If im active, yes i am i get on everyday for many hours just doing spar or parkour

If i got accepted the teams i would be in is parkour and spar i have many many replays of only those.

Now forums i am not that active in the forums since really lets just be honest wtf is there to do in the forums:

Now there is my app very simple not too much information about me but i only answered the things you wanted. Very fun app to write since there wasnt many hard things such as gps, very fun i will say. Thats the app
Name In TB: UnkownNoob

Discord Name: KingOfNothingness

Why do you wanna join: I wanna Join here Because I wanna Make this Clan #1, I have Been In This Clan Before; I wanna fight and win And impress the leader And win TC For Clan bank And Make this Clan NUMBER One!

What Is the Mod You Are Talented In: Boxshu

How Active Are You: Everyday.. Even School Days..!

Hope You Accept me!

xxezio Accepted!
Jackysep Accepted!
Congrats xxezio
Congrats Jackysep
UnkownNoob Accepted
Congrats UnkownNoob
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yeah I'm not good at this application thing I looking for a good active clan to join so I can have a stable clan to better my skills and this seems to be one of em that help... so tell me where to fill in an app if that is what I need to do
XYoung going to a test
If you are not good at posting Applications then you will recive a test in-game..
Please tell me your discord name and your # so i can talk to you when your test is starting

PEWPEW RESTARTING! The thread is different now
Name: KrazyK9
My Discord Is : Mrdoggo #4443
Why do i want to join?
I want to join because i want to participate in wars and maybe even learn a few things and make some friends
My Talent?
My talent in toribash is Saving myself, I can save my self in the worst scenarios
What clan war team to i want to be in?
Judo, Boxshu, Abd, Akido
Everyday for 1-3 hours unless something comes up
I appreciate you reading this
woof woof