Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
That kindof degraded yourself, Fear. Like , no one joins the IRC cuz ur de baws. .-.

dont know if 'degraded' is the correct term...
Maybe you haven't seen that but this is ridiculous... <(please correct my grammar if it's wrong or not an usual speak)

The ridiculous it that our third more replied thread and also the third more viewed is the "Inactivity Thread", and it's very close to general talk, that is almost a wibbles... '-'
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What's really funny about that is how many more views per post the inactivity thread has compared to the chat or picture thread. Apparently it's far more interesting
Ye ye, actually i this was what i ment, since i this was what i highlighted, but anyway is ridiculous... How can the inactivity thread be so much viewed... ?
Once upon a time Iv'e ordered the Lord of the Rings Trilogy book.

Paid for it, contacted the seller, confirmed the purchase. In general, gone through all the senseless, annoying , ethically unnecessary and time taking bureaucracy to get the god damn book.

5 days passed since I last confirmed I wanted and paid for the book( YES BITCH, I HAVE THE MONEY, YOU HAVE THE BOOK, I WANT THE BOOK)


Why you no send me book?

no, seriously
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