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cool fact (fact of the day = meat flies)
i'm making a cool fact thread with regular guest appearances to farm posts

since this is the cool debute i'm going to post two cool facts ready

fact 1: 90% of (youtube) music theorists are wrong about harmony. they present eulers approaches to quantifying consonance and whatever.... like ratios actually mean anything like that WHEN work over the past few decades have shown definitively that the mind doesn't do any weird ratio calculating but just listenes to the overtones. overtone alignment, density, and beating effects are how the brain understands consonance and dissonance, and any other approach is fundamentally wrong, bitch

fact 2: the perfect fourth IS in the harmonic series
A 440
see it's right there between 1320 and 1760, 4:3

and if you divide 1760 by 3 you get 586.6, which JUST SO HAPPENS to be D, so when you play A and D together the overtone at 1760 from each note aligns and blends together to make that frequency louder

funnily this means that ratios actually show the first overtone alignment between the intervals they represent, which is why harmony theories based on ratios work as well as they do (even if they ultimately fall very short)

The Facts About Consonance Music Theorists Don't Want You To Know

for more sick harmony knowledge google william sethares

more facts tomorrow
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thank you for your continued interest in our cool fact series, neko

please tune in tomorrow for more cool facts
fact 3: the most common scale length of a modern classical guitar is 650mm

bonus: even american cg luthiers do their measurements in mm, not inches
mine were just so much better
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please guest star for some facts this week

this thread is geared for a more intellectual demographic so not all of them will land but i'd appreciate the celebrity exposure