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get out faggot

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Morgan Freeman wears 2 gold ear rings because they're worth just enough to buy a coffin if he dies in a strange place. It's an old sailor thing apparently.

ive actually heard of this before but i didn't know morgan did that. i just saw the star wars prequals and boy does he look so much younger in that! Mace Windu FTW
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
fact 9(?): in january of 2018, Mohammed Ababou was banned from multiple facebook math pages for spamming related to his theory that numbers have an end. His followers created a page for him, called Numbers Have An End, now with over 3000 followers, in which he currently resides. They believe that numbers have an end, and bicycle around the world to spread the word of numbers have an end
thank u basic ur part of what makes this series such a success
fact 10: social group Gay Adventures Club on the toribash forums has 69 members
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can I have tomorrow's spot? ��
[4:37 PM] ponf: y'all might think i'm not wild enough to send dick pics over toribash
[4:37 PM] ponf: you'd be wrong
uwu i wuv you uwu