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Well, I am not really a "Replay Maker" but I tried to work with fluidity for the first time in a long time. I hope you guys like it and I REALLY need help with it.
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First Try At "Realism".rpl (120.1 KB, 11 views)
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well, this is pretty good for your first attempt at tricking

The opening is pretty stiff imo, try relaxing more joints, after that, you should hold your neck
the first trick is too relaxed, i'd reccemend holding a bit more joints at this point
the jump for the next trick is very unrealistic, and the trick wasn't that good either.Landing was nice though
there was a bit of a twitch during transtion to next trick
last trick was a bit messy.

Pretty good for your first try at this genre of replay making, I think you have alot of potential.
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You should practice transitions to launcher to get into the right position smoother as well. You don't have to contract both knees that forcefully to crouch down! Keep at it.
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Thanks guys! I made this one recently, Ignore everything after the first flip. Haha
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Meh, I don't like it..rpl (93.3 KB, 7 views)
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You are getting better

opener was stiff, try relaxing more joints, try to make something that's not too held, and not too relaxed
launcher is pretty basic for a beginner. when you raised your arms then lowered them again it looked weird
landing is good. everything else after that was random
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Haven't uploaded in a while.
Just warning you, What the hell man, what. the. hell.
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What the hell..rpl (180.3 KB, 7 views)
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What the hell
hold your neck, and stuffs
your movement is very stiff, and your launchers could be better
the tricks were very simple imo, but they're good for a beginner who's only made 3 replays on realism
you have alot of potential, unlike me

Do you do anything else besides realism?
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