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♫kings sexy thread♫
hey guys please cnc
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king for life
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Well i have Nothing to say about it But Its a nice replay for a Green Belt person ( idk if you are a alt ) The Opener was ok But a little Lazy Split was not so cool you should Make it look Stylish or even try to get the Boom there, After that it was all Mess...But You managed to get those Dm's And Booms Which was Pretty cool , The pose was ok as well
The whole replay was Twitchy And there was no Flow In that , You should Focus More on your Moves, Style, And flow
Overall, Its good
<Takayshi> Who is Takayshi? And why he has a Quote of something that Takayshi never said?
You should Keep trying to be more smooth,more flow,stlyish moves,more momentum to make your kicks look powerful.
But nice boom but a little messy
I dont even Signature okay
opener was twitchy, and too relaxed, very generic aswell, just didn't like it

dont contract your knee after kicking, it looks bad, unless your going for quick kicks

last kick was good, but it could get a boom, I don't like uneven kicks
invite me to your clan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)