the cork is great,but i can see a bit of twitch movements before and after it,likely on the first transition,its too fast(and nice),but a bit twitchy
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good job m8. Opener was really cool. 264 looked bit stiff and weird but the cork, what ray said, looked really good itself.

good job. i see u improved.
Hi there, O.
I'm happy that it was JUST practice, because you keep your postures too stiff and sometimes too relaxed; pretty much looks like you're just changing from extend to contract in some parts of the replay. You lack form and momentum, get that fixed and you'll be tricking neatly in no time.

Liked the approach you made with this opener, also the first 200 frames. But you ruined it when you had your back facing the ground.

Amzing head kick
Not so amazing after you went limp after that contact and you didn't even have that much time to extend it properly. I advice that you keep the extending knee after kicking for a few more frames before going really relaxed or contracted with it.
Punch attempt was okay for starters. ( I hope you are one.)
Skeet was okay, but it lacked momentum, precision and posture of which it came from.
I told you of this thing in the earlier read- you lack posture and form mostly.

first good cork
It doesn't look like a first time at all, I'm amazed of how you did well with this one.
I hunger for more.
I really liked your cork, and that's coming from someone who can't do it himself properly.
Summary of what you need:
and I think you have problems with finding those is that because you either do things too early or too late.