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[GOD] ToriSoccer


Welcome to ToriSoccer! Only the true Ronaldo's of the Toribash world will shine in this winner-take-all event!

- Maximum of 32 participants in sign up
- Have fun
- Counted wins are only by: goal scored or dq (touching ball w/ hands)


This is a 1v1 winner-take-all soccer tournament. First player to complete a hat trick (3 goals) is the winner and will move on. Basic knockout tournament style event. You must upload all replays when submitting your win!

*Along with this K.O. tourney, there will be daily tournaments ingame with 10k 1st place prizes for winner until the tournament begins!

Example of submission:
(always put the winner first!)

ronaldo vs neymar

ronaldo 1-0 neymar

ronaldo 2-0 neymar

ronaldo 3-0 neymar

don't forget to include replays!




Mod for this event is: gtqsoccer.tbm. The goal is to score on your opponent (points don't matter!)
Bicep to hand touches will cause an instant loss.

The champion of ToriSoccer will receive the following:

100k TC
Custom designed right foot flame (to be designed by the winner, you will be able to request to 2 flames on one foot)


25k TC
Silly Slippers Pair


Description of your best goal celebration:


Event starts 3 days after this post! GLHF!

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Username: Hug
GMT +02:00
Description of your best goal celebration:

TGS 2013 - 2019 ~violently slaughtered by Orko
Username: Divine
GMT: -4
Description of your best goal celebration:I just start crying and my mom has to take me home

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إد هو العاهرة
Username: Fire
GMT: +3
Description of your best goal celebration: will think about it
Username: Takasi
GMT : +7
Description of your best goal celebration : run really fast, jump really high and bellyflop on my bed



Username: Jenson
GMT: -4
Description of your best goal celebration: I always run with my arms spread like an airplane smiling at my team mates followed by several high fives, and sometimes I just wait for they to come to my corner and hug me xD
Workaholic - clickbaitclickbait
username: rose
gmt 0
description of your best goal celebration: run to my team and give them a big hug :3
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