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Buying High Quality Tribal Ninja Head 50k-100k
^^^ colors will be

Demon Relax and Toxic Force
Demon Relax and Dragon/ Amy Force

i want it to be like a tribal ninja head make it look robotic...
I cant do tribals.. but what about something like this?

i can make you a head in that style if you like it..
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Tribal and uber high price doesn't go together too well.

I've got a ninja styled head that might work.

Anything custom will take a lot longer.

I can add a hood to this and do tribal designs though.

urgh...My photobucket isn't loading right now....wait.

As is for 50k as the request it was made for was 50k.

With the added hood and tribals for the price of this request.
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tribalish head for 50k?
im on it

done, dunno how robotic it is tho
im loving how the tribals worked out on the sides
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Oh wow, both are heads are pretty epic i wonder which he will choose.
Yeah, i'm the Boxman
<~ishi> damnit ishi where are you.