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Anyone get the new game(s)?
The past makes you wanna die out of regret, and future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.
Not yet. Getting it tomorrow hopefully. 3rd gen games were the games I played the most, so I could probably beat it the day I get it.
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If you want you can just use my old thread...

No go away ours is better

and I am so taking the walk to gamestop to get omega ruby
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No go away ours is better

and I am so taking the walk to gamestop to get omega ruby

Wow.. Call yourself the leader of this org and you don't even have the game yet? Fired.
The past makes you wanna die out of regret, and future makes you depressed out of anxiety. So by elimination, the present is likely the happiest time.
Why not?

Age: 21
How long have you been playing Pokemon: I believe I played my first pokemon game when I was 6, though it was my first game after Tetris, so I was stuck in the house for a day until I realized the floor mat meant there was a door .-.
Favorite Pokemon: Goomy, Yadon(Slowpoke), Greninja, Totodile, Drapion. I could go on, but I'll stick with 5, because I'll pretty much list half of the water types if I did.
Favorite region: I never remember what they're called. 3rd gen region cause SECRET BASES ASJDHSLKJAHDKJLSAHDJKSADHL
Ingame Activity and Forum Activity: No ingame activity, I check the forum everyday, kinda.
Small bio about you and your pokemon life: I'm a nerd. Life has been summed up. Pokemon life, started first gen, kinda watched the first season of the anime, still mad that I didn't get the shiny mew pokemon card when I went to see the first movie at midnight release ;_;, played second gen, started my tradition of catching a Shiny Magikarp in the Mast... Magikarp ball, played third gen, skipped 4th and 5th gen because I didn't have a ds, got a 3ds for 6th gen, have 3rd gen remake because SECRET BASES ASODHSKJLADHKJSAHDLKJ

nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
1: 12
2: last year ( I know not very long but I have good knowledge of it.)
3: Tyrantrum and Dragonite
4: Hoenn
5: I am ingame quite a bit 7/10 and my forum activity is 9/10
6: So I never really was a fan of pokemon until last year, my friend was playing pokemon white, I have never really seen any pokemon gameplay before that and it looked so cool! Then I heard that they were coming out with new pokemon games, X and Y. I was like oh my gosh I got to get it, and I got Pokemon X for my birthday and played it all night. I have beaten the game, the Elite 4 was pretty easy and I like to do online battles. I also watched it on TV when I was really little o.o
Also I think it said a bio about your life to soooo here I go:

So currently I am an 12 year old boy who lives in the magical land of Canada.
I am a black belt in Taekwondo and I have a knack for computers. I play a lot of sports like Hockey and Football ( American football) In Hockey I am a goalie and not to brag but I am pretty dang good at it too. In Football were all like screw positions and we just try to defend/score touchdowns. I do well in school, I am in Grade 6 but I do Grade 9 spelling. I REAAALY don't like drawing/colouring. Also I am really athletic and I love jumping around and stuff. Some of my favorite pastimes are snorkelling and playing Xbox and toribash. I am also an active video game player, I play toribash and minecraft, and Just Cause 2. I am getting a new computer soon with more space for more games, I have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One, one of my favorite games on the Xbox one is Forza Horizon 2, I have a knack for cars also so I like to play racing games. That is about it
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1: Age - 14
2: How long have you been playing Pokemon - 10 years minimum
3: Favorite Pokemon - Slowpoke, Cubone and of course Seel
4: Favorite region - Kanto
5: Ingame Activity and Forum Activity - Ingame: 4, Forum: 10
6: Small bio about you and you're pokemon life

I grew up playing pokemon with my cousins... (Blue, Pika. Yellow, A bit of Red, and whatever that Totodile one was.) As a young sponge I would hit "A" until annoying/useless people would stop talking. Then my Papa bought me Emerald, and Mama got me Sapphire and finally I got myself a regular DS and Diamond. Then I started toribash. Found a Pokemon RPG with my boy Kasex, and PokemonMMO with my slut, call girl, concubine, courtesan, fallen woman, floozy, hooker, hussy, lady of the evening, nymphomaniac, painted woman, streetwalker, strumpet, tramp, whore, bitch Creati0n. Here I am today.

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Why not?

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Eh forgot about this (DiggerFinn here :3) activity boost plez.
All 3 accepted and adding!
PS: meme time!
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