Endurance Onslaught 4
1. what?
2. u know the white things between the joints? (bones..?) i got my answer.. i was looking for gradients
3. ok... thanks! (Qi is 113 )
1. Head Avatars are items which you can buy from ToriShop for 1 500 TC. When you have one, it adds a small picture of your head under your scores.
Here's a picture of it.

2. You can do an emote in Multiplayer by typing /em texthere
Here is an example of an Emote occurring in game.

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2. how can u get the things on the "bones" that go from e.g. Brown (downwards) to white?

You mean Gradients? If yes, as I said, they're called Gradients. You get them by buying them from ToriShop.

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3.almost Qi is how many fights you have WON!

No, you're wrong. You get one Qi from one match. It doesn't matter if it's a win or a loss, you'll still get one Qi.

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