Endurance Onslaught 4
I swear the name rings a bell from 2011 (on my Danwebb11 account)
Welcome back anyways
[21:18] (Moltov) Fantastic Mr. Fox
[21:18] (avwave) i thought it was a movie for furries
"Tied up ninjas". Yeah I remember you allright.
Brendan (he who passeth judgement on the frequent changing of signatures): I don't do hentai anymore
I actually was a member of Knotz.

Had a few namechanges though, but back then I was IXION.
Knotz was pretty great of a clan.... If your looking for a clan if you come back you could message me just as a clan to like start off with. I remember you from 2010 when I was a newbie at toribash on some account I don't remember.
Welcome back, slip.

I remember back in 2011 that I wanted to join Knotz so badly because there were a lot of good guys in it. A shame that when I finally got the skill to join it, it was already going down the hill.

Also, good luck with your new clan. Toribash has grown a lot and. nowadays, it's not that hard to find some good guys.
I'm not sure if this is correct, but from what I remember my first clan I joined was merged with Knotz, lead by Floop78 and Joboman. Knotz was apparently a bunch of people who jumped of [DM] and created their own clan. They got a name-change soon after becoming official to [Obey]
Another clan was soon created with (Knotz) as their tag but it died rapidly. If someone could elaborate on this, please do. I'm gonna talk to our oldest member, Zazo, I'm sure he knows.
Oh, welcome back btw o/
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