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[13:08:39] Ted: We are
[13:08:59] Ted: We're like the 2nd Knotz
[13:09:07] Ted: There were like
[13:09:08] Ted: 3 of them
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was often known as slip. Im not too sure on what im gonna do here yet, im deffinatly staying active not sure on if i will join a clan make my own or what not haha
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Wow, yeah I do remember Knotz. Good clan, I was a noob back then, but I liked Corrupted Wafflez. I had a different account I don't remember. But your name certainly rings a bell.
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I'm not sure if this is correct, but from what I remember my first clan I joined was merged with Knotz, lead by Floop78 and Joboman. Knotz was apparently a bunch of people who jumped of [DM] and created their own clan. They got a name-change soon after becoming official to [Obey]
Another clan was soon created with (Knotz) as their tag but it died rapidly. If someone could elaborate on this, please do. I'm gonna talk to our oldest member, Zazo, I'm sure he knows.
Oh, welcome back btw o/

Was another Knotz clan before the one you're talking about ;) Which later became "Virus" then "Pathogen".

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Hah. I still remember the old days when knotz was still alive. Never thought that you would come back after a long time and i hope that you remember me ;) remember dynastyboy? he was my friend and he invited me to knotz which later became pathogen but i already joined HUNG back then.
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