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Ping when betting
The bet should go back to the person who pinged or the admin so he would came back to take it back.
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This would result in a majority of players placing bets force pinging when their player of choice (the betee, if you will) is losing or is about to lose, making it so they will not lose any of their tori credits. That being said, it would be a great idea if you could decipher forcepings from regular pings, however you cannot. That is why I would be highly against the suggestion above, sorry mate.
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Unfortunately, as 2WC said this would lead to force pinging, I believe there was a thread before which said that the bet should stay live instead of being lost, I can find the thread but I like that idea
ok, what if its the other way around? what if your guy is winning and u ping?
I think the bets should stay on the people they were bet on no matter what
happens with your internet.
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