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Mod makers can add extra joints
I know this probably isn't a good idea, however it opens up new possibilities to mods. I have a good idea for an interface for this. In the mod maker, there will be a menu where you can select whole body parts (legs, arms, torso, etc) or just individual joints (ankles, lumbar, etc). Then you just drag it to wherever you like on the tori or uke's body, then whoevers body it's put on, it'll be controllable by that person. Again, may not be a good concept, but it allows for more fun mods to be made to be compatible with 2 players, like a 4 armed duel, because it doesn't require any removing from either player.
actually, if it doesnt make pcs crash too much, being able to change the tori (just for the mod though) regarding amount of joints and location of bodyparts sounds fun as hell
oh yeah
Not a mod-maker, but agree with pusga.

Let's just not get overboard with this.

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If you wanted to make a mod with more realistic motion, you could add more joints for more precise movements. I have wanted to be able to do this for a long time. Supported

* In addition, you currently cannot add objects that are considered part of a Tori's body, so you should be able to do that too.
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I do not like this idea.
The Toribash-character is already realistic enough.
I think those mods just will be messy and hard to learn and understand.