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Sell some items from people permabanned
Some people permabanned get unbanned, i know this. But some people like Darknis will never get unbanned and have A LOT of items.

Market Squad or whoever selling these items will be able to sink the tc they make from them and who doesnt want to sink tc This may not make a big difference, but i feel like it'll help.
Its like buying from shop because the tc will be sunk and items will be added to circulation.

And this way the one of a kind flames and other rare items that are on accounts permabanned wont be lost forever.

The prices of the items they sell i dont know about. Maybe something more reasonable than shop so they actually get sold.
You could use the item forums or market.

Not sure if this has been suggested already or if the admins have already thought of doing this or not.
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I thought the same thing. Put their items back on the market and/or take back the TC. Yet, I've heard they are thinking of removing TC all together.

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I totally agree with this, especially with flames. I really want some flames but a lot of them are on some dead account in the middle of nowhere. This leads to a bunch of incomplete quads, and dual flames. I mean it would help sink TC, and if they're never coming back then I'm not seeing an issue, they've done it before with flames (granted very small scale)

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since that thread is closed,

It will sink tc , maybe you will have to put price caps on those items so u have to buy them for more than they did on the banned account. that would sink tc faster and more efficiantly

If they are put in gm prizes no tc would sink because u dont pay to play in a tournament
We are not that deperate to sink TC, besides it only works for unique items like flames, collectors or packs. No one would buy joints or misc unless the price would rival the market price which will never happen.
That's a great idea. If someone is permanently banned then there's no reason for the account to have any items or tc. Maybe they could be used for public events to as prizes but that's not really that important.
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