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Book Of Records -30 grav suggestion
I'm aware this has been brought up before but I feel it was always rejected because it didn't have enough evidence that it could be benifitial to allow it as a separate category.

In the last 10 years toribash has existed, the realism and replaymaking side of tb have taken a spotlight for the game. Many of the players know about and regularly play xspar, and attempt to do various irl moves and challenges.

I think it's both logical and benifitial to add in a separate category for xspar challenges.
Although I'm sure many challenges from default gravity might be attempted again, it'll open up new opportunities for a different genre of the game.

Various idea for -30 gravity could be:
-longest stall backflip
-highest flat jump
-furthest forward jump from standing or in a setup
-longest stall into a gyro from any setup (example: gainer gyro, where the gyro is completed at the end. The goal would be to get the highest gainer and then gyro (1 full vertical rotation) as late as possible. This could be applicable for multiple records
-furthest -30g run in 500,1000,2000 frames (this one might already exist)
- longest dub cork chain
-most headspins in -30 gravity (was done awhile ago but I think it was in -9)
-highest backflip
- lowest backflip
- highest assisted backflip (and other varieties)

Although the entries aren't endless, it might help breathe some life into an otherwise stale section of the forums.
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I completely agree with this, and I too believe this would put the BoR back into some motion. Maybe finally someone else would contend besides Jaker and Pusga.
I think if we were going to add -30 records into the Book of Records, it would just be a mirror of what is currently in the Book of Records, but with -30 gravity.

I personally don't like the idea of tricking being part of the Book of Records because of the large spectrum of tricks, a possible lack of accessibility to those who don't really know what some of the tricks are, and difficulty in defining some of the records. I had no idea what a dub cork is, or what a stall into a gyro is until now. And looking at how you described the latter trick, I think it's too complex, and not easily measurable (I could be wrong. maybe Glimpsed can give some feedback on this since he's 1. A BoR keeper, and 2. experienced in tricking) All the records in the BoR have simple goals that anyone can understand. I feel like having tricking records might not be very accessible to everyone, and because of the large variation of tricks, could absolutely flood the Book of Records with a bunch of records for every single trick in the entire tricktionary. Running records were removed because they became a giant grey area of what is actually considered a 'run', and it's entirely possible that adding tricking records would see the exact same thing.

This can be a topic of discussion amongst the BoR keepers, but in my opinion, I think only -30 varations of current records would make it through, if it were to be implemented.

We can't forget that record bounties are a thing and with the amount of TC being given out because of all the new records (basically considering every record in the BoR as a new record), could inflate the TC market. This would need to be discussed with those who payout the bounties.
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I agree with a couple of your points, and the only reason I relied so heavily on tricking was because parkour and sparring while being impressive, either require mods or don’t fall into an account of anything achievable.

Anything that holds a stall record is fairly easy to record. Record the frame the foot leaves the ground to the frame the stall begins to happen. Some rules would definitely have to be put in place ( a tuck HAS to happen during a stall or else the record is invalid, and all tricks must be stuck and not clutched) which should make it harder to spam records.

Longest hand spin, longest foot spin, longest planche, these are three other ideas for -30 records just waiting to be attempted.

As for the longest run that’s sad to see it go. The easiest way to add rules to that would be that each foot must cycle, hands cannot touch the ground, and jumping isn’t allowed
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