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Symmetrical joint state (SJT)
Joints of arms and legs of tori are symmetrical, symmetrical operations on the joints would be useful in some cases.

Example of how this works: pressing ctrl and at the same time they change the state of the right knee, the left knee will also assume the same state, or vice versa (if I relax the left joint + ctrl, the right joint will also relax) if ctrl is not pressed instead everything will be as usual.

The ctrl for the symmetry option will obviously only apply to symmetrical joints (abs and other central joints will be excluded).

I know that in most cases symmetry is useless on tb, but it would be a very useful addition for openers and in special cases during the game.
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You can write a custom Lua script that'd do what you're suggesting, there's not much sense in having this as a built-in feature
yes, I also suggested it on 'script suggestions', unfortunately I don't know much about scripting to do it myself.
if it's not something too hard to do, could someone develop this script?

I think it could be an interesting addition to the game.
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