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Rules of This Board
Before you go out to introduce to this vast community, there are a few rules you should follow:

1. Don't make threads if you're not a new/previously inactive member
Please don't make threads if you are not new to the forum. Making threads in this board is for newcomers and old previously inactive members (two years or older) to introduce/reintroduce themselves.

2. No copypasta posts
Copypasta messages, such as the below, are not allowed, and are very annoying. If you can't take the time to write a special welcoming post for someone, don't post at all. These are not as helpful as you think. This board does not count towards your post count, so don't try to spam these copypastas on everyone's thread trying to gain post count. It won't work.

Example of copypasta

3. Be social, make your posts worth it
This isn't as much of a rule as much a suggestion and a recommendation. If you're posting here for your first time, you should put some thought in your posts so you can get as much out of your time as you can. If you're posting here to welcome new members, put some thought into your posts, because no one wants to be greeted by posts like "Hello" and that's all. Make them feel welcome. If you are posting here, that should be why. Make the new user feel comfortable and welcome.

Be sure to follow these rules as well as the Global Rules.

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