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Also I stream tetris and other things
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It's been a few days already since I am planning to apply for Tribe and now I feel like it's a good time to do so.

My name is Gabriel, I'm from Brazil (GMT - 3). I am a student of Computer Science and I work 20 hours per week in a college project, doing research in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Because of that, I had my activity on Toribash reduced so that I could give special attention to my studies, although checking the forums once in a while. Now that I have my schedule more organized I am planning to be more active, not super active though. So, Tribe is clan that seems a good place to spend my time in, it's a place where I feel more confortable to be around due the fact that I know a good amount of members.

I started playing toribash in 2008 (with the nick Chronos666), but at first it didn't caught my attention, so I stop playing it a few months later. I have gotten back to play the game in 2014; since then I've been really involved with the community, joining clans and even participating in the staff. My past clans, if I remember correctly, are Infinity, TLDR, Inquisition and Hidden. As per my staff history, I had the opportunity to work as a Game Master, Market Squad, member of the old Clan Council and as a Super Moderator.

I don't have great abilities in game, so I won't post any replays, but I will try to practice a little more because I want to help in the clan wars if I get accepted. I can say that my skills are more forum related, I think the forum experience I've acquired so far, for example in the market, is a positive factor that I had to mention. I am easy person to get along with and I hope I can make more friends here and have some fun.

That's about it, if you guys have any questions about me feel free to ask, I hope I haven't forgotten to mention anything important. I am joining discord very often now, maybe we can have a good chat there.
Hello, it's me.
Hello Tribe, my name is KrisKrafts (not Minecraft related -.-) and I would love to be the newest addition to the clan.
I love forums but also have a passion for playing tk, and competitive aikido/abd.

Real Life Busines
My name is Kris I live in Georgia, and GMT has no effect on me cuz I am an absolute night owl.
Outside of my school life, I study data analysis and all things code. I know Python, Perl, JS, CSS, and HTML.
Other than coding languages I speak three and am learning a fourth. English, French, Spanish, and I am learning German.
My hobbies include data analytics, web development, 3D modeling, gaming, and piano.
I have been interested in data analysis since I was around 10-11 years old, I have been coding in general for about 6-7 years now, same goes for web development.
I have been doing 3d modeling shiz for maybe a year, I am not very good but I have fun.
I have been gaming since I was around 8 years old, it is by far my oldest hobby.
Last but not least is piano which I have been doing for about 3 years in total now.
I have recently been learning how to string chords together to make an overall more pleasing piece.
That's all of my IRL information.

Toribash History
So I have been playing toribash since 2009 on various different accounts (pm me for more info on that) leading this account to be my final destination.
I spend my forum time sitting in the art, suggestion, and mod boards/threads. Also, moderately in clans boards. I am currently reviving toribash media.
Whilst my in-game time I spend playing aikido, abd, aikido7, and taekkyon.
I also used to play loads of taido. I used to duel but soon gave that up as there were many frames and scams.
Duelling in general now is just a big mess. Apart from competitive, in-game I also like to make mods. None of which are published but I have lacked motivation recently.
If you go away from forums you can check my promo twitter. It is basically where I tweet promotional shit about the game. Events, videos, items, etc...
I do this because Toribash does not have a media manager and the @toribash twitter account is lazily moderated and often is left un-updated.
You can find the Promo Twitter in my signature (shameless plug <3).
Now to the replays, they are not the most impressive, but I hold my grounds and do fairly well whilst participating in clan wars.

Thank you for considering my application.
I hope the application was up to standards and enjoyable to read.
Best regards~Kris
Contact Me
Find me on Discord Kris#9318
I am also on forums a lot if you feel the need to pm me
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Be Cool. Have Style.
Dear Tribe,
My name is Bloodyvine, I have been playing since 2015. I have ran my own clan before the only reason why it died was because I broke my computer couldn't keep it running no more I want to be the best toribash aikido player. I play all types of aikido ABD and greyaikido I do matchmake all the time. I am currently very active and I will remain active
I am in college and I do have a job but I always make time for my games
I am not as active on forums but I can be if needs to
I have my own unique way fighting that I don't mind teaching other people
I do like recurting so I hope to bring that to the table of the tribe
Drink Blood Swing from A Vine Now You Can Die
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Also I stream tetris and other things
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greh will not be joining the Tribe at this time.
Daedlus has been accepted into the Tribe.
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Also I stream tetris and other things
Discord link for updates and highlights from streams:
Sup friends.

First things first, my name’s Elvis. I’m 18 and live in Ghana. I’m currently in college studying for a Computer Science degree, hoping to get my postgraduate degree in the U.K. in some years to come. I play a variety of games in my free time when I’m not studying or being at social conventions, such as Brawlhalla, NieR: Automata, FIFA, Battlefield 1 and some others.

Been on this game since late 2010, had a different account but managed to forget the password to it. My activity was sketchy from 2014-mid 2017, as I was in boarding school at the time. Previous username used to be elvis2. Came back this year and applied for some staff positions cause I felt I had the potential to do some good in the community I guess.

Trying my best to remember, my previous clans have been Corrupted Waffles, raku, Team Girl Scouts, CREAM, Family and NCLW.

I’m applying to Tribe cause I know quite a lot of the members in here, most of which I consider some of my better friends in this game. It’s one of the legitimate clans that I can actually stand it’s members and looks pretty interesting to be a part of. Wasn’t completely familiar with the old Tribe due to be aforementioned lack of activity when it was official but it seemed pretty neat.

As far as talents go, I’m pretty dry on them. I however do play lenshu and taekkyon primarily in Toribash and I’d say I’m pretty decent at them. I don’t have replays mostly cause I just got a proper gaming laptop and my old replays are on a laptop I recently gave to my sister.

aaa, haven’t written a clan application in so long, so if there’s anything you might want to ask me/I left out you can find me on IRC/Discord.
free my melanin-enhanced fellow bobby shmurda
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8:21 PM <duck> I'll touch your market all over

August Ames didn't die for this
HEYA im Gustavo araujo im 12 years old,i started tori at 2016 in april,im good at abd,lenshu,tk,spar(i think),my main is boxshu,lenshu and abd,im from brazil but i speak english

Why i selected its cuz its good players and i like the name clan,I swear to keep fidelity and trust to the clan
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Also I stream tetris and other things
Discord link for updates and highlights from streams: