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Bring back Bleu.
Seriously, since the demise of Bleu there have been too many nooby clans coming up. It isn't that much of an issue, but it is becoming one. Instead of actually joining clans, the new players all make their own. Like I said, it isn't much of an issue now, but it has been slowly getting worse since Bleu died.
We're all going to Hell, we may as well go out in style
Death is a promise, and your life is a fucking lie
its kinda difficult to regulate who makes clans.
you cant send tc till your yellow belt.
BUT you're still nub at that level.
I think we should go back to the old way of making clans.
where the name and dsc had to be reviewed by actually people.

not really related to bleu(I used to be in the clan)
but I saw someone bring up something about noob clans.
damn im gettin old