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Since the only thing you can spend on tc is on cosmetics for your tori, there should be item power-ups in the game, example:
-Increases the gravity of your tori by 1
Brass knuckles
-Increases point damage by 1
etc. etc.
but, I see a lot of people complaining about unfair disadvantages for people who don't have the amount of cash for the items, so they should have a server option to enable powerups or not.
The great fact about toribash is that a white belt has equal power with a custom belt or any other belt. It's all about skill not fancy super-powers.
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Well I would like if it was like this so you could upgrade your guy by making them stronger for like 1000 tc for 1 day except this would make it more complicated to win against the rich and the good people so 40% supported and 60% non supported
I Find this suggestion absolutely silly. I mean.. say custom belts, master belts and 10th dans. Say they all have a hella ton of tc. They would buy upgrades (unless they like the difficulty of the game) I Mean, this suggestion is stupid. toribash should definitely not become an rpg. at all. Upgrades are icky. If you want to cheat your way to the top with upgrades its pretty sad... Some people have played a hella lot of games in their toribash career.. And i think this suggestion would ruin the game..

Note: I enjoy the difficulty.

Not supported at all.
Nah, rich guys will take advantage of this perk :v
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Uh hell no, Thats stupid, theres people with more tc than others. If this does happen, there would have too be certain rooms where certain levels play according too tc. Cause then, everyone would just be getting there ass whipped by custom and 10th dans
No, I don't think the point of when you start out is if you have a chance to win, id say its adapting and learning that's the fun in toribash. Not supported
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Hell , ppl like me who don't make much tc will dissapeared from the gamw because we don't have tc to buy upgrade
Not supported
No, If there was upgrades, Toribash would lose all the fun in it, the fun in Toribash is learning not by buying something and then winning and most rich people like the ones who have 1mil tc would win every game.