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Finally make the F##king second headsphere
i readed about this long ago someone how wants to do a second sphere in the head so we can do advanced stuff on texturing like a humen without the upper half of the skull and the inner sphere a brainor crazy robotics with real openings and cables under the metal plates.
So you mean that you could put a whole in your head texture and when you look into that whole you can see things inside?
So you want to drastically change toribash's base models to look realistic?

Here's Tonakai's famous quote:

Originally Posted by Tonakai
If toribash were to be realistic it wouldn't be ragdolls ripping eachother to pieces in moon gravity

How about Endorphin? Go to Endorphin.

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The 3D visual effects you are talking about can be achieved without the double sphere. A good artist can make the head, or any other part of the body for that matter, to look like it has even more than two layers with lighting and shading. In fact, it would be more difficult to deal with textures the way you are suggesting, and the results would not necessarily be better.

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Draw your own double layer if you want.The head is not gonna become a sphere with objects inside.
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there is people who made
sketch up models in toribash link:
endorphin: it is toribash (not like that
just a
blender uses 512 photos so you can create textures on it!
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