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Vote for a mod command/system.
So yeah,A Vote system that can work by two ways:-
1) An operator can type /VM On (/votemod on) in the server so in every 15-120(selected by /vm off/on time)minutes it suggests a mod like..
Vote for the mod has started:-
5 - Judo.tbm
6 - Aikidobigdojo.tbm
7 - Wushu.tbm
8 - Jousting.tbm
9 - Extend current mod
So by pressing the number he selects one of them,the player can only vote once per the time.
2) As a setup for the official servers that can change to the mods that was listed by a moderator/admin.

Wouldn't this be nice?But it can be disabled/enabled by operators in their servers and only moderators and higher in official ones using the command (/vm off).
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I can't think of the shooter game I played that had this feature.

So long as its set by an OP, so it never happens in an official server and OP can disable it any time, this seems like a fun party feature.
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Interesting, and DrHax, you might be thinking of Halo or COD. They have map voting systems but halo has both gamemode and map voting systems.
This is a good idea, and will allow for less spam e, g : Mushu! Mushu! Aikido!
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I would love this idea. Now I can vote for very weird mods =)

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