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Im back active after a long break, so im not sure if something like this already exists (if: please tell me where before closing this ;) ), but after looking for a while i havent found anything. so:
My idea is, to create a "place" where players that are interested to join a clan, can register themselves, to see which clans (who also can register theirselfs there) are recruiting, which language is spoken etc. OR an own thread somewhere, where everyone is allowed to post things like "Hello im ****** and i wanna join a chinese clan!) or (hello, we are ****** a british clan that is looking for new members! min belt black!" and so on.

I think this would make the process of recruiting members, much easier and faster, and vice versa no-clan-members can find a fitting clan, much better.
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You,ve been answered so there's no use for this thread.
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