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[EVENT] Toribash Olympics

Welcome to the Toribash Olympics!

This is an event where all Toribash Athletes can perform and showcase their skill!

Win to score medals; Gold, Silver and Bronze.


As seen in the thumbnail, you have to run to the other end as fast as possible.

You may not change any settings that affect your running or that help you in anyway.


GOLD - 30,000 TC

Silver - 15,000 TC

Bronze - 5,000 TC


Download tb_olympic_sprint.tbm

Save your entry so that your name is in the title.

Deadline is on the 26th August (Friday)

(run forest run!)

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1st of all is this supposed to be in the default gravity?
2nd do i have to sprint or i just touch the finish line in a good timing?
Power Punch
BAM! I did it the only way I know how, creativity c;
Completed the level in under 1000 frames or so c;
Rules say " you have to run to the other end..." so i believe those who don't run the whole way somehow, are disqualified.
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Add 5 cloves of garlic peeled and farted;
Tahcoh smells like garlic after cooking
touched it at frame 1500, I can get faster tho
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bitchass kozmonaut