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Vote for a mod command/system.
So yeah,A Vote system that can work by two ways:-
1) An operator can type /VM On (/votemod on) in the server so in every 15-120(selected by /vm off/on time)minutes it suggests a mod like..
Vote for the mod has started:-
5 - Judo.tbm
6 - Aikidobigdojo.tbm
7 - Wushu.tbm
8 - Jousting.tbm
9 - Extend current mod
So by pressing the number he selects one of them,the player can only vote once per the time.
2) As a setup for the official servers that can change to the mods that was listed by a moderator/admin.

Wouldn't this be nice?But it can be disabled/enabled by operators in their servers and only moderators and higher in official ones using the command (/vm off).