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Alaistier - Spars, parkour, tricking and other realistic-gravity replays.
Well, I've been sparring a lot lately, and getting back into parkour and freerunning. I figured instead of bugging just friends for C&C, I'd make a thread.
I'll start it off with two spars using a mod I made, "ars1.tbm"
I'll go ahead and attach that.

Feel free to use my replays in videos, just let me know first.

Also, please comment on how I did, not just my opponent. My goal is to learn what I could do better, not what my opponent did or didn't do.

Oh, and by the way, don't be afraid to hurt my feelings with negative criticism. If all you do is tell me I'm good, I can't improve.
Thanks, guys.
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spar daxx room.rpl (882.1 KB, 168 views)
spar ryoukoo room.rpl (970.1 KB, 142 views)
ars1.tbm (2.2 KB, 108 views)
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Wow these are very impressive Ala... The second one was my favorite <3 you are really great with realisticness! 10/10
I hate living in Texas -_-
Thanks, guys.
I'm having a hard time telling myself that you aren't just being nice :P
Maybe I should add "Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings" to the first post.
Even if you were to add that my answer would remain the same :o

- You have really good skill ^-^

- Can't wait to see more
I hate living in Texas -_-
I have to agree with these guys, you've improved.

Hopefully, it was with the help of RSO aswell as anything else xD.

All that's left to do is to Do moves that aren't done very often. As I said in the RSO thread to D3, you could try some cool not-used-so-often moves aswell.
Like high speed handspins for spars. High speed+Handspin= Impenetrable defense.
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~d e g e n e r a t e~
In that case..
Here are two I did today.
The first is a freerun that really shows my rustiness. Finished it with some sparring. The mod is attached. Watch out; the first 10 frames lag.
Then I sparred the person who I freeran with...
The entire match they tried to tell me I was a noob and whatnot. Towards the end I got irritated, started to do a kick, and quit.

You tell me who the "noob" was.

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Spar alaistier and 1TheV.rpl (545.6 KB, 66 views)
jetsfreerun4.tbm (2.9 KB, 44 views)
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So this is the guy, eh?
To be honest, he's not the worst I've seen. At least he knows what he's trying to do (the delivery's way off).

When you guys started fighting at the end of that freerun, that part when you were upside down and you landed on your forearm was very unrealistic, dissimilar to the rest of the replay.
I'm trying to learn more things to do when my center of gravity is shifted backwards... Any suggestions? I'm not great with backwards-ness yet, which is why I did that derpy arm thing.

Also, I did some tricking. I wanted to practice my flip-less jumps, as well as a few flips as well. My second jump got some serious air.
I started online, then edited in SP.
I realized I could get a fuckton of momentum if..
Well, here's an example:
Extended right pec, right rotated chest, contracted left pec.
From that position, contract right pec, space, left rotate chest, space, extend left pec.
Something like that.
I know my tricks have a way to go before being good, though.
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Originally Posted by Brains10 View Post
you were upside down and you landed on your forearm was very unrealistic, dissimilar to the rest of the replay.

Did you read the rest of his post?? He said that the guy raged towards the end there, and the replay remained unfinished :/ Thats why that happened, its not because Ala did it like that.
I hate living in Texas -_-