Actually, 1TheV, I'm not like you when I spar. I only want it to look good; it's not about points. I don't like to let my neck flop around, nor do I want to twitch violently or do stupid looking moves. The point of sparring is realism. Running+trying to get points doesn't equal sparring. I'll try to speed up my movements, but I'm not going to sacrifice style or realism for that.

You have your techniques, and I have mine.

I believe one can do "dynamic" moves without looking unrealistic or spasmatic, and that's my goal. I want my movements to be flowing, each part linking with the one before it and the one following it. Watch replays by Swex- when does he ever step out of his realism for the sake of a "dynamic" move? He doesn't. He makes dynamic moves with realism. The two can coexist within one style.

Anyway, thanks for the criticism.

There's no need to talk about it in PM. You pissed me off and the spar was no longer worth my time; when the person I'm sparring attempts to invalidly insult me, I have no reason to continue unless it is a phenomenal spar. That wasn't. It wasn't trash, but.. Well, it was average at best. I'll admit, I did have a rather extreme reaction, but I don't think it's worth apologizing for. You did something stupid, so I reacted with something I deemed just as stupid.

I hold nothing against you, and I don't deem you an "enemy," but I'm not exactly fond of you, either. You're just another face in the crowd, as far as I'm concerned, and I have no qualms about it staying that way. In other words, if you don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you.

I hope you don't take these as "fightin' words," because they aren't intended that way. I'm just explaining to you how I see the situation. Fair enough?

Again, thanks for the criticism, and I'll try to take it into consideration.

List of things you should try:
Axe (kick)
and a double kick

you're really godly at this stuff, too bad we haven't had a compplete spar :c
I'll be on for quite a while today. Perhaps we could then.
I've been wanting to do a dodge-based fight.

Also, thanks for the compliment.

Something I did with Swex. It was supposed to be dodging and.. I don't know.
I guess I wasn't in the zone. Today hasn't been my day at all.

What do you think?
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Spar Alaistier and Swex Dodge.rpl (653.0 KB, 58 views)
Oh well I'm liked it
It was A stiff moment before you sit down
because you raised up your hand and contract your elbow and its maked out bad
the confrontations with swex after dodges are not ok ,because you touched the foot with your hand the momentums after this you get a little bit stiff
And I dont liked it the way you gain balance after the flip
but the flows are good the main parts of the replays are good
btw please rate my replay thread....
See my mug , it'll probably turn the flowers black

Anyway, that spar looked a bit awkward. As always, your style is beautiful, but it wasn't put at it's best here.

Run looked akward, arms(elbows) went above head and shit. Want to keep them below the head. First strike was really weird considering you did a move and didn't build up enough momentum for it. The rest was beautiful, it just wasn't set up very well. But hey, it's a hell-ov-alot better than anything I've done. Kudos to that.

~d e g e n e r a t e~
New replay. I had to leave so I added a quick landing to my last jump, causing it to save me as Uke.

C&C, go!
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spar alaistier v mrLOLface.rpl (592.4 KB, 47 views)
Wow epic flow and dynamics .you fixed the dynamics problem and you maked nice kicks and balance , the moves was excellent and clean ....I have nothing to say 10/10
sometimes we should spar ...
See my mug , it'll probably turn the flowers black