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Making a comeback
Hey everyone. Decided to return to the glorious forum after almost half a year inactivity :)
Some of you may remember me, I was pretty big in the market from what I can remember, belonged to the clan raku for quite some time.
And so, here I am (hi Solax, how've you been mate?). Can anyone please update me on any new changes in the forums, big names leaving or returning, etc?
That would be fantastic, thank you!
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Well, a lot of things are dying...

And a lot of the bigger names and clans are dropping out.

So, can we have you back Star? We're getting new members in and what not.
The depressing moment when you realize Satan and 'The Devil' are apt personal descriptions...
Hey wolf! I've posted a little something in raku for the clans attention, enjoy ;)
Oh yeah, I've seen that raid has died, how about missuse and Zalmoxis, are they still around in the market?
I really don't know I'm afraid, I just keep hearing about the oldfags leaving...

Am I an oldfag now, I have been here since 2008...
The depressing moment when you realize Satan and 'The Devil' are apt personal descriptions...
Sup Star. Welcome back! I'd update you but I'm not too sure when you dropped out.
The Admins and Smods put on a big and elaborate April 1st prank. Dargon and Thorn are Smods now. Tinerr is a Smod again. Gms have just finished a recruitment, as have the Market Squad and Uniteam and Unibash. There also seems to be some instance of Aids going round turning everyone into zombies.

Other than that I can't think of much. Zayex is gone for about 6 months because he broke too many rules and I've started recording spambot bans in my sig.

Looking forward to seeing you round again.
(And I'm also curious to see how you go with a fresh start. 0 tc and empty inventories.)
I remember, you used to roam the market...Quite some time ago, don't think you know me though... Did a namechange some while ago, last nick was IXION.

Anyways, cool that you're back.

Zalmoxis is still around kicking as far as I know, don't really know about Missuse though.

Gorman was banned for some reason, if you knew him...