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Want me to judge all replays in that thread? :x

(Btw we played a lot together on your server in ninjutsu mode thingy with a circle dojo around 2012-2013)

EDIT: I change my mind,the first two replays only.
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Thanks nut do you prefer -30 gravity for your replays? If you are not too loaded with stuff last replay i'll be posting here, I mean, it's not everyday nuthug cncs your stuff. Even if you don't have the time tocnc it I understand thanks anyways great thread.
Noki1119 it's not a lot to watch really but a lot to Cnc considering he's doing paragraph explanations.
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Hello again NutHug, just a rather simple decap with in my opinion, a sloppy finish.

Here ya go, much appreciated as always.
Stable hit: Really nice opener and jump. Great transition to the kick. Sadly it was more of a stomp than a kick. That probably has potential for more dms.
Feeling a spin: Similar opener, take caution with moving hands through legs. Again nice momentum manipulation to get from the landing to the trick. Smooth.
The dome: I start to see a pattern in these replays. Like those before the hit is rather weak though.
The fail: Nice spinny jump there. Solid single hit replay. For my likings you go a bit too flat on the ground before jumping.
Heh, just read you wanted only the first two judged too late.

It looks like an attempted manip but your hits are delivered way too fast and straight forward. Surprised you got a split out of that thing though. You should either manip some more before attacking or set up your hits so they aren't just one joint extending. A bit plain to watch.

What skeet? Is this the right replay? I see no skeet :X

Indeed, I prefer -30. I started to make replays in -9.82 though and can still move around in that gravity. Welp, not much to comment on in this replay. I like the idea of throwing a whole limb and how you deliver a blow to dismember him. The second skeet was rather short ranged, slow and unspectacular. You should rather take some time to get your feet on the ground again and throw properly.

Nice chilled spins in the beginning. I hoped you would have another spin in your launch. While I love that kind of backkick decap I have to say that plainly jumping into Uke degraded that a bit. Also the timing in your 2nd hit looks a bit weird. Like you hit the torso and dismember and after that you extend your knee. But I guess the angle was a bit bad for a proper kick. Nice job ripping out the lumbar and skeeting it. Just try to add a bit more fancy to your hits.

Nice spinkick decap. You have this little twich in your launch though. At 718 you contract your hip and after that you just extend it back to where it was. It looks a bit like you changed your plan after a few frames, attempting something different first and then decide to jump. The jump is well balanced and I'm not sure if I'd havep prefered if you just landed directly into a pose. At least after the trick you should have landed directly into a pose and not go with the extended glutes pose.
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Hey again NutHug, I basically went for cool movement in this one did I succeed?
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Man, I love you. Here you go, an old one from the ORMO app, a little bit redone, also, my first manipulation replay
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Nuthug, I was talking about the CnC on the last replay I sent :|
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