God damn, Oblivion you sure have come quite a long way, one of the first few people I sparred when I got into sparring was you fortunately.
Also best of luck on your internships, Dr. Oblivion :'D.

Been learning quite a lot from you and I am currently working on improving more.
I've improved a lot from the last time you and I have sparred, would be great to see you back on (if you ever decide to do so).
I hope life's been treatin' ya well, Oblivion.

Best of luck on everything!
Come on bro come back to the game
>>I Hate My Life<<
I joined toribash since Apr, 2012
Bump to one of the greatest people in this game, both in skill and in personality.

Your thread is a gold mine of replay knowledge, come back to us sometime <3
hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord