OMG I really lack time for this. I'll try my best to finish everything thing here tomorrow.
To make my life abit easier, I will only accept applications if it was posted in this thread. But you can both post in this thread and make your own thread if you want.

The week 2 and week 3 winners will be annouced in 1 hour

EDIT: Winners are now annouced. TC was sent. Increasing Prizes to attract more newcomers.
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Name: Zac, I would rather not give out my last name online.

ToriBash Username: Disc.

Belt: White Belt.

Age: 13.

Education / Qualification: I am in grade 9, Queensland Australia standard.

Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank): I am a student, but I have a casual job working at a Pizza Cafe.

Your Hobbies: I play soccer for a club, and I enjoy making things. Things such as little weapons to fire at my friends during class, and
miniature models that I make out of a random bolt and some office stuff I found lying around the house. I also like to bake, it makes me happy (:

Your Goals: I would like to go to University and qualify as an Architect when I graduate from school. As I get to about 25 - 30, I would look for a partner to marry. Eventually I would retire, and we would go live in a beachhouse somewhere. I know, all planned out right?

Your Goals in ToriBash: (specify) To become a well-known and respected player. To also improve my skills and reach Black Belt within the next few months. Apparently it doesn't take that long according to a person I met in-game.

About Yourself : (About 100 Words) I am a 13 year old male in Australia. I am in grade 9, which is the second year of high school here in Queensland. I have been working in the same Pizza Cafe for about 7 months now, which is pretty crap. I should be getting out there and getting a new job. I play soccer for a club in the B team, there is A, B, C1 and C2 teams. I am a fairly smart person. At my school there is a "Top Scholar" program that only some students get selected for, I am one of those students. I also play Volleyball as one of my school classes, and will be travelling interstate shortly for the state championships.

Why You Joined ToriBash: (About 100 Words) Well, I got bored of simple online flash games like the ones you find on or So a few days ago I Googled "unique physics fighting games" and found Toribash on the top of the list. The video caught my attention as I like fighting games that include some blood and dismemberment. I clicked on it, downloaded it, and played the tutorials. It was quite hard at first, but then I got the hang of it in a few hours. So, in short, I joined Toribash because it caught my attention and kept me hooked.

Why You Like To Post On The Forums: (About 100 Words) Well, I would like to be well-known and respected, as I mentioned earlier. I also like to know what's going on in the community by lokking at the news, and learn some new moves, techniques and commands etc. Downloading new mods also excites me, because I like having to change my style for different scenarios. The Wibbles place kinda surprised me, because everywhere other than that these forums are nice and clean. And, I must learn some more on this clan stuff .

Thankyou for reading!
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Very well prepared. That will be hard to beat.

Welcome to toribash by the way. Obviously, be smart, use common sense and you'll be okay.
Hey I know your kinda new... BUT HOW DID YOU MAKE A NEW THREAD?!? thats what i've been wondering all the time since i started playing!
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So WolverineWepX.

There's a big red button that says "New Thread" near the top of every subforums.
You know the part where you are looking at all the threads.

You'll see it.
Okay guys, only 18hours before the end of week 4.

Post your introductions and get a chance to earn 10,000 Toricredits!
Name: Joona

ToriBash Username: DreamEater

Belt: 8th dan

Age: 16

Education / Qualification: I'm in vocational school

Occupation(if you are still a student leave this blank): -/-

Your Hobbies: Karate and Golf - but I haven't been at neither one in last few months because of my friends who take all my time

Your Goals: My dream is make one movie. I would be director and siting behind the camera, also I always wanted to write a book so I would make story of the movie too.

Your Goals in ToriBash: My goals from the beginning was 1) get in decent clan 2) get high belt and huge post count 3) get in promo team. I can already strike through to goal number one. About goal number two, I have now quite high belt and post count but I gave up this goal long ago because it started to feel quite useless. Then last and the biggest cliché of my goals - I have to admit that I'm fucking huge attention whore so that would be realy my dream. Running tourneys, keeping peace and make events. After that I think that I'm here so much that I could actuly do something.

the end. (before next episode/question)

About Yourself : I'm quite normal citizen of Finland. I wear almoust only black, I listen million bands from genres: everykind of metal and rock - also electrical music (tekno, drum and bass etc). In summer I run on every metal/rock festival as I can and in winter I angst in dark corners listening my mp3 player. I have been with one special girl soon almoust 2 years, we had fights and problems in last summer so we break up for several weeks. I could tell beautifull story about our young love - but maybe I keep business in myself :] even after I'm with lovely girl - I am realy realy lonely. Sitting days in computer without any good purpose ruining my social life....also eyes XD I already have a glasses. I hope I get more company now because my school just started. Let's hope the best and keep flag up high.

Why You Joined ToriBash: Well that's a funky story my best friend (we have known over 12 years already) big brother was playing toribash in single player uknownday.6.2008. He demonstrationed the game to us - first I thought this is like animation program and you can do game like animation by that so I started to watch toribash videos on youtube. After every video, I started realise that this might be game and after my research I discovered here is fucking huge forums with buyable items for customising character and I made my first account - Koukatsu. Name came from japanese word "sly". I played hapily only twinswords and made few accounts because I didn't want play mods like wushu, aikido and such. I got bored and I quit. Then my friend started to play and reached blackbelt. He teach me few moves for wushu I completly lost my mind and started to play 24/7 with new account - DreamEater. (friend nick - RazorWind/Shadowlion). Now I think quite decent member of community and play sometimes with rather only good people and sometimes offical servers ^^

Why You Like To Post On The Forums: Actuly I don't realy like posting here because of my not so good grammar. Also I don't have realy much to say expect in clan forums full of my good friends and IRC is way better way talk with people so I hang here only purpose of lurking others or buy something. Well that was ridicolously huge sentence, but after all because I am interested to digital art so I like visit here and praise works what members have done.

that's all folks
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