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Toribash mapping
Question, has TB updated the mapping in cubes?

Just downloaded the latest TB, jumping from 4.92 and noticed that cubes (hands, chest, feet, etc) were poorly mapped, meaning that it didn't show the same as my old version. I also downloaded TB 4.33 and shows the same.


Toribash 4.92

Toribash 5.4 and 5.33

You can see how in the latest version every face has "zoom", more noticeable in the smaller sides (in this example the face, you can see the lower lip being cut)

Now, I don't know if this was done in purpose, I prefer to think it's not, because of the lowered overall resolution, and while a new template can be done, all previous textures will not work.

Also, you can try to preview my tori to see if it's only in my end.