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[FAQ/Q&A]Daily tourneys
Hi, this is a basic guide to knockout tournaments, held both by the Promo-team and the Bromo-team, as well as basic freelance tournaments.

How does a tourney work? The purpose of a knockout tournament is to be the last player left standing. Knockout mode is an automatic way of eliminating people who've lost. If you lose you are forced into spectator mode and cannot rejoin, however if you win you are knocked to the back of the line so you may fight again. This continues and the list keeps getting shorter until it gets to the finals.

Some basic rules:

- No caps
- No coloured text
- No spamming
- No flaming (insulting other members)
- No trading or clan talk
- No begging
- No linking
- No backseat moderating/playing. Example: "Mute that person!" or "Extend right hip!")

Most hosts will enter you if you Ping time-out or Disconnect due to No Response. If you happen to have either of these happen to you, here is what you do: Join back into the server and whisper these things to the host:

- When you pinged
- Your location in the queue

If the host enters pingers he will then force enter you and nudge you into that position. Give the host some time; it can take a while to do it. When you ping do not spam the main chat asking to be nudged back, remember to use the whisper function. Which can be done by typing /whisper [Player name] <message> (shorter to /whisper is /wh) or selecting the host's name, right clicking then selecting "Whisper".

If you happen to win the tourney, give the host some time to send the prize money. Donít go and scream scam, unless the host tells you otherwise the tc will be sent within about 15 minutes.

Credits to bdo, evil and some others for helping out :)

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions post here. If you have any suggestions, do PM me.
lead Sigma