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[S] Rhae's Sound Shop! [Pay whatever you want, or just take it for free!]
Credits to Nevramon for the banner

The price is ANYTHING, EVEN NOTHING per music request.

Video/Audio link:
Part of the song you want as kiai(preferably the time. Example: from 1:00 to 1:05) Note that kiai's are 5 seconds long maximum:

Example Form:
Video/Audio link:
Title: Ra Ra Rasputin
Artist: Boney M.
Part of the song you want as kiai: (Start of chorus) 1:21 to 1:24

And here is the finished product:
Ra Ra Rasputin
(*Yeah, this is a public/free tester sound, enjoy.)

And I will send that to you via PM.

**Pre-made kiais/grips:


Video/Audio link:
Title: All your base are belong to us
Artist: Toaplan Co., Ltd.
Part of the song: 0:19-0:21

Video/Audio link:
Title: Ba Dum Tss
Artist: Unknown
Part of the song: 0:01-0:03

Video/Audio link:
Title: Bond, James Bond
Artist: Ian fleming (The writer of James Bond)
Part of the song: 0: 35-0: 38

*Note: I can amplify, add effects, and more to your music if you want to.
**only one sound per person so there will be no multiple same kiais, PM me if you want it.

***File-hosting websites that I use: - account needed - needs you to login to your gmail account. Also I still don't understand on how to use it.

Got any more free file/music/.wav hosting site? Tell me! Or if you prefer a specific hosting site, tell me also!

P.S.: My services here are basically free. I seriously don't expect anything in return for it. I'm just doing this for fun. So please, please sir/maam don't demand things from me :<
****PSS: I have a habit of putting a fast fade-out and a 3-6db amplify on sounds that I make, so yeah... Just wanna let you know that... >_>
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