Nice and scary name as i can see.
But, how about your replays?
P.S : I will not comment at all on the hacked replays. Neither would i critique.

DOOM MM- Collateral :
Opener. Good, nice back-to-back with uke opener. Well executed but as i expected. A little stiff. The continuation was weird. You stopped in the middle of the air when you splited uke.
I didn't like what i saw.
Nice transition to the double pec dismemberment, pretty well executed. I like the way you spin into the back kick, was a really nice cherry on top of it.
The skeet was cool and pretty decent aswell.
You are a little stiff on the edges, but you are getting there.
That was pretty cool. I loved the opener with that boom. It was pretty spicy how you did another perfect boom after the head decab. I liked the dialog after the skeet.

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