so far so good
extended leg spin looks dope
maybe nitpicky but didn't like you touching uke before the initial dm
double knee was buttery smooth hella nice
the two kicks after that could be reduced into one more hard hitting
you're in a hard position to dm after that so maybe try getting some air and booming? idk
no twitchy moves and you move amazingy
well done
Giving a "hand" for skeets.
My fucking guy is back.
This was your best replay so far in my opinion.
Opener was very nice, though it was a bit generic but thats ok.
The transitions were smooth like my butt cheek.
Double knee i came for that.
Double glute i came for that aswell.
And i like that arm boom but you could've done a decap though.
Skeet disappointed me. But you can still polish that up.
All in all.

Add me back to your signature you ass.
If you quit I'll dox you because this shit is fast and dope.
so much flow
Well done Tabby, welcome to the got gud club.

add me to your sig since idk
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hey, im still not there

ok, its pretty good.
honestly the part at 608 would definitely be a boom or a decap.
flow is all there.
the last hit was okay.
8/10 k?
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