how the fuck do you do this shit?
that was awesome
the flow was all over this replay
the dm's were 'creative'
its solid.
ok so in the opener i dont like you you stayed in that position for so long. i know it was for the lift, but you could have atleast moved a little. as for the lift, holy hell uke flew lol. i like everything leading up to the dms, but your arms are very stiff throughout the rest of the replay. ok decap considering the position uke was in. nice second kick. and the last selfgrab kick thing i thought was pretty cool tbh. it looks weird but its something different.

overall gj work on not being so stiff and yeah gj
Everything up until the first dm I really liked, am a fan of those kind of spins. During the first hit you let uke bruise your shoulder, which I think you shoud've tried to avoid. The whole madman section was a bit too messy for the number of dismemberments you get. First skeet was real nice, dm skeets are always sweet. Second one was okay. I would've liked it if you tried to land it, but the fall didn't look bad so I'm okay with this.