hey asuka whats up

u got better since when i last looked at one of ur replays which was over a yr ago since i dont touch this game anymore

u seem 2 be a player with a super weird style which isnt a bad thing inherently, if its just ur take on movement thats fine, im going 2 cnc how i personally see replays which u dont have to listen to if u want, beauty is in the eye of the beholder or whatever

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opener was stupid, awkward neck & ab position made it look ugly, alongside selfdamage which i dont understand the use of in this replay, it wasnt really utilised

im a fan of the speed in which u closed the gap between u and uke, surprised me a little bit, satisfactory dm

the part where u are in the air is i think where u could have improved this replay the most other than the dumb opener, it literally looks like ur hanging in the air holding all for bout 50 frames

the counter rotate into the boom on the lower chest was very good, good boom, i think u could have moved out of the boom into the pose a little nicer but that was also fine

2nd boom was the only moment i personally liked though

hands lol.rpl

opener was nice for the first 60-70 frames, i think it would have looked a lot nicer if u stayed a little more upright whilst doing it but either way it was alright

the dm section is okay, even though its short
the leg dm didn't do much for me, the rotation into the split and the split itself were fine, and the hand dms inbetween were a nice little idea

i understand u may not be used to moving without hands, and u were probably very focused on getting the decap but the upper body movement whilst ur doing the first skeet is very ugly (the leg movement is fluid and nice and the movement u did to do the 2nd skeet was a lot nicer than the first)

the concept was ok and up to 340 it was ok, fell off a lot after that though, the decap skeet was the only moment i appreciated after that part

good good opener though

in general u show signs of pretty good movement in places but seem to not carry that standard throughout the entire thing, focus on more consistent movement throughout (the hold all in the collab is a good example of that) and try to bruise less aswell
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wOW WHats up dezrai someones posting :0 thanks

yeah i see what you mean, i tend to come away from my movement style in my replays for a pretty big portion of it often, i'll try work on that

as for the openers, solar and i like to challenge ourselves with silly openers and see what we can do with them, we also think they look kinda cool

and we were gonna use the selfbruise at some point but we got bored and left it how it was and forgot to remove it lol

my current style right now is pretty experimental, if you go like 5 pages back you'll see my old style which was much further developed, i just switched to this because it makes me enjoy replays way more (see: my genosyde thread)

all in all im gonna work on keeping my movement more consistent and maybe not doing very dumb things, thank u for the feedback :0
movement from the start to the decap was damn slick, if a little stiff

decap was p good, the transition after was my favorite part of the replay
there was a slight slowing of movement after that which was kinda weird
next 2 dms don't really stick with me, the angles were pretty meh and both were shin kicks
that was so dope dude, i especially loved mini-manip with your foot between the legs without getting damaged. not much to say, great dms and great flow
yeah ok
sick ass opener.
but i didn't like what you did at frame 400-380.
you did like a half rotation and its fucked with me a little, shit like that irritates me tbh.
and you lowered your shoulder just to raise it up again :3
but those hits were fantastic.
clean as always.