ok done:

double ankle DMs were actually insane. lift was fine, and the foot voodoo was a nice touch but i think you could have gotten more DMs with it. not a fan of the grab, looked kinda iffy and weird, could have done something different with it. skeet was crazy good though!

twirly-wirl II owo:

i actually really really like this replay, your movement reminds me a lot of the classic style which i appreciate greatly. DMs were sweet, clean, and crisp. you have multiple options to explore here and i can't wait for the final product.
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yeah ok
First replay is aight, a good ol' fashion decap. Twirly on the other hand, hoh.
Feet like bombs, dm's on point. Force is good, momentum is preserved very well.

Chest doesn't rotate too far, and your body follows suit.
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im rox btw

not usually a fan of -9.82 grav but very k00l swag replay
the opener was a bit stiff but other than that everything was good to my oblivious eyes

that wrist decap was hella nutty
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that was the biggest disappointment ever....

really cool manip. i feel like you could have kept it going or atleast gotten some really nice dms to finish it off.

please continue
ruined alot of shit for me man.
was so hyped for more after the manip you did.

so opener was pretty cool, wasn't like any of the other generic openers i've seen everyone use before, pretty cool that you keep coming up with new openers, which is pretty rare right now.

i like how you lifted uke with the grab, it flowed really well and it didn't seem to make a mess at all, it looked clean and you continued it amazingly into the helicopter kick, which was powerful enough to make this manip look dynamic and very flow-full, i dig it.

the second kick however was kinda meh, you just grazed uke and it didn't even looked like you pushed uke, which kinda threw me off.

and as Static said, the ending was very anti-climactic.
but this is a very clean replay, just wished you annihilated uke.
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i'd be funny if you took damage while dm'ing the wrist to blue ball us even harder. loved that manip