Im not sure if I can cnc again since there may be a rule against a 2nd cnc.
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You got nice concepts and stuff but you really need to smoothen up your movement. You twitch alot and that is bad. Opener is dope. Do more stuff like that. Unnecesary grab tho. Boom is dope, just try to get it to look more powerful. You need to focus on moving your whole body. It looks like 90% of your movement consists of turning your chest and pecs until a full rotation is completed. The rest of your body freezes during that. Try to make your replays look more like your openers. Bye.
|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
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I've been really busy but IM BACK!
Mack your cnc is very appreciated!
I wont post any replays for awhile because im busy with stuff but heres this "thing" bc i cba and are immotivated to make replays
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