man if that's what you make in an hour i'll never succeed in life

very nice flow and momentum
amazing spin, i kinda came a lil' ��
i feel like if you positioned yourself a slight bit better earlier, you could have gotten a way better DM there, but it's nice and smooth anyways
very nice decap, though if it went straight through the neck it'd be even better
naisu transition into the next kick
You probably coulda split the hand there too and grabbed onto uke's head w/ it, but it's a nice DM
pose is ok

p.s i like the dab at 335

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Liked the opener but it was quite twichy
Loved the spin and the first 2 dm's
elbow dm was meh aswell as the skeet and the final pose was shit imo.
opener was dope tho maybe try to edit it out.
Your movement is quick enough to get all the boomhits you want, don't hack dms and get rid of nuthug's script or whatever you used, just try to learn how to time your movements so that your hits can ghost properly and get dismemberments
oh yeah
thanks pus! didn't think i'd see you in here.
(also to add i only just found out about the nuthug script not to long ago, notepad was used for that.)
completely forgot those were hacked dms tbqh.
(i remember now i made it late at night as a concept replay, then woke up the next morning and saw it and thought it was finished.)
here's something that sucks for now i cba making replays right now, maybe a break is needed.
i moved uke a tad so i could continue the replay, i'll update it later and such without moving him :p

Clxh(namechanging to Core) is my alt.
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