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New player interested in realism

I'm new - saw some clips on TikTok and I am mesmerised.

I'm super interested in styles like Kickboxing/WTF style taekwondo, as well as boxing or muy-thai.

So far my only progress is managing to squat and jump forwards, then fall...

Welcome to the Toribash community! We’re glad to have you and we hope you enjoy it here!

There’s all kinds of good info all over the forums, especially in the FAQ, Beginner Sanctuary, and Events! There’s always something happening here!

And you have an entire staff team here to help you whenever you need it!

This link may be helpful ~list
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So happy to see people actually coming and saying they saw the tiktoks and etc.

On the other hand. Welcome to Toribash Scott. This game is pretty hard on beginners but it guarantees a fun time once you learn how to control your Tori. Good luck!
I know I'm not as well known as these other guys, but it's nice to see new people still coming to the game!
Do you ever have a hard time running?
No? seriously?