Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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More than a clan, this place is family. Past members and notable people alike are all family to us. This is a home for the highly talented and respectful, are you worthy?

A few rules:
  • First Framing is BANNED - Striking in the first frame.
  • No kicking - Revenge kicking is allowed.
  • Avoid clinching at all costs, theirs no skill or respect in it.
  • Do not back hand.
  • Rage quitting will not be tolerated. Organize the safety of the replay if you must leave.

We only accept people who follow our rules.
Thank you.

Discord for applications or people wanting in the know:
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I will follow the rules. I alway do.

hey legend it me kirara i saw u made a boxing clan and i just had too apply hope u accept me
I am now dual purposing this thread, may all who box spam replays here!

I will continue posting a few replays a day till I run out of boxing replays!

EDIT: Yes, some of those replays are 1mb, hence really long.
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hero decider3.rpl (1.29 MB, 24 views)
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3xcombobox.rpl (135.7 KB, 13 views)
boxing long teetus wip done.rpl (1.10 MB, 12 views)
ill fuck you up.rpl (142.0 KB, 13 views)
boxing long rj wip full.rpl (1.30 MB, 15 views)
Hi how are you, I hope you have a nice -
Heres a very recent upload to youtube containing some random funny replays and a couple of funny boxing ones at the end.
I'm pretty sure my next video will be completely filled with boxing replays


(Embedded player doesnt seem to be working -- So here's the link)
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