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Toribash 5.4 beta 1 (Steam, Windows only)
The first public beta of Toribash 5.4 is now available on Steam for Windows. To get it, switch to beta branch.
All the updates are exclusive to new UI and are not applicable to vanilla interface.

What's new:
- Overhauled tutorials
- New atmospheres system
- New shaders menu
- New mod selection menu
- New settings screen
- Ingame quests
- MoveMemory
- New tooltip
- Chat word filter
- A lot of miscellaneous fixes

Quick rundown on new features:

  • Tutorials
    These still require some replay switching and better wording, but gameplay-wise they're pretty much at their final state.
  • Atmospheres
    Current build only includes two simple atmos, more will be added in coming days. If you want to make atmospheres for 5.4, contact me on forum or discord.
  • Mods
    We've made a cleanup of default mods folder and removed rarely used, broken or duplicate mods. If you know a super cool playable mod that's worth the stock folder and is more complicated than aikido (has env objects), post suggestions here.
  • Quests
    Quests won't currently work in regular rooms, look for updates to this thread in coming days.

As usual, anyone who finds a new bug gets 10k.
Suggestions are welcome.