My attempt at not tricking. Will probably try to make better ones soon.
Tried to edit. I think I should give up on this replay.
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I think I like how you really go smooth and swave with these tricks, not that they're bad. I mean, at least not as bad as the ones I do. These are good, you just need form and it's all good to go. Cx
Practicing stuff. Should give you an idea of what's coming up.

Unfortunately, hours of work got corrupted just because I put a smiley in the replay name "I can do it :o" Said it saved, but the file was 0 kb. RIP best replay.
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"they're like enormous pillows of disgusting girly meat" ~Orih 2016
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It's a good run,

However try practiceing geting your arms in movement at every step of the run, it makes it look so much better, and can give you additional flow/speed into the replay,
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nice run and cool jump

try and keep you chest more down then forward, or at least that makes you go a lot faster and move your pecs more in sync with your steps.
Eyy, I've never seen your replays in more than several months now.
(I'mNotInAnyPositionToSayThisThingBut..) You seems to have some stiff parts while doing that run and your head was pretty much saying it.
Lacks arm movement in more ways than one, add a little more contraction to the elbows so that you can have smaller space in your body while running = faster.(AtLeastThat'sHowMineGoes.) Try relaxing shoulder when you're in a stable run, raise it a bit if you're being too low on the ground. Also with the pec movements, try doing contract pec and relax the other; vice versa applied...gives more flow into it.
Abs and chest weren't that much laid down.
Try doing things with your ankle to get you better grip of the ground. C:
Jump was 9/10.
480 right leg tho.
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Me saying I was gonna do shit last summer was like saying Tarail would revive (RWBY) 2 years ago. Anyways, shaking off the rust. It's kinda shit but Ima try some more tricking replays after this one.

Edit: Polished up the ending of that last tricking replay
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Better.rpl (208.6 KB, 22 views)
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"they're like enormous pillows of disgusting girly meat" ~Orih 2016
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Fellow Asian.

Shit's lit.
Kinda like the first one, but better.
Yay, you fixed the 3rd thingy cork attempt into a cork!
Pose was fine, but twitch.
Powered landings ftw.

Now feed me lots of your Madmans, I miss 'em so much. ;~;
The crossing
You are sparchar
Pose is not bad
Those DMS though holy sh*t
11/10 would cry if there was no more replays of this

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