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Some alternate grappling features
The following is mostly aimed at grappling and no dq mods like aikido and ninjutsu, but this can probably be enabled anywhere.

So, after a while of playing those mods i find ninjutsu to be just about who is more accurate in their movement and strikes, which IRL is like, the basic stuff, and in aikido, the holds are immutable if you don't let go, and there aren't many different ways to beat a half decent player.

Second, probably due to the stiffness of the toris, things get messy if you try to hug your opponent, and soon enough, you only have a relax color and it's blue.

Thus, i suggest some toggleable features than can greatly improve grappling:

  • Breakable grips
  • Pulling or twisting joints can break them
  • Constant pressure to a joint (mostly for the neck) does damage
  • Rotation
  • Ability to tweak individual parts damage

This would add the option to spice things up for those who would like an extra dimension of fighting, without affecting standard gameplay.

Crappy replay examples attached
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-arm triangle tddecap.rpl (63.3 KB, 2 views)
-actual armbar dm.rpl (74.3 KB, 2 views)
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