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A progressive start
Well i am trying to get better and better at sparring and thanks to mocucha I am getting much better and here is how much i have improved

Note: watch spar with mocu first
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Your 2nd replay is a bit better than the first one. You should relax more your knees (too much contracted/extended) and your hips are too much extended too. You are sticked on legs and lose momentums. Your contacts are rough, don't forget to relax your hits before they connect to avoid one of you (or both) lose his balance. Keep up your good work and continue training ;)

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Well mocu the 2nd one was supposed to be better and also i have got another replay the only problem with it was my run messed up and we had to cut it short because i had to leave. well here it is. Enjoy (if that is possible) XD
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